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Brush Clearance

Information from the LAFD on 2020 Brush Clearance Season

With increasingly serious fires and increasingly intense droughts, it is extremely important to be ready for brush clearance over the summer season. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting daily life in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond, this summer is going to look different than any in recent memory. Keep reading for the necessary information from the LAFD on 2020 brush clearance season, and remember that you can always trust Stay Green for your commercial landscaping needs.

Updated LAFD Brush Clearance Regulations

The Los Angeles Fire Department had previously announced that the start of brush clearance season would be delayed until June 1. However, the LAFD’s Brush Clearance Unit (BCU) has also updated some of their service conditions in the interest of public health and safety.

In addition to delaying the implementation of private parcel inspections, the BCU has extended fire/life safety brush notification violations from 15 to 45 days following initial inspection. Moreover, all LAFD brush inspectors will continue to practice social distancing during their duties. In-person meetings have been discontinued until further notice. Owners of property within designated Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones will still be required to maintain their property under L.A.M.C. 57.322 Fire Code.

Trust Stay Green for All Your Brush Clearance Needs

Although the LAFD may have slightly changed their policies regarding brush clearance, the laws requiring property owners to keep up with municipal brush clearing regulations have not changed. This includes getting rid of dry and dead weeds, grass, trees, and native brush. If you see any of this hazardous vegetation within 200 feet of your commercial property, or within ten feet of your property’s roadway/driveway or combustible fence, you are required by law to remove it.

Fortunately, our commercial landscaping pros Stay Green have what it takes to keep your property safe during brush clearance season and beyond. We have proudly offered industry-leading brush clearing services since 1970, and know how to follow all guidelines for safe removal and disposal of debris.

When you call Stay Green for brush clearing, we will use our industry-leading tools and technology to:

  • Remove all dead shrubs and trees from your commercial property
  • Trim grass, weeds, and native brush to stand no more than three inches tall
  • Trim twigs, branches, and leafy foliage to the lower one-third of trees and shrubs, keeping them no more than six feet off the ground
  • Maintain native shrubs and brush at a maximum height of 216 cubic feet, while ensuring they are all 18 feet removed from structures, combustible material, and other native shrubs
  • Stop significant buildup of twigs, leaves, needles, and other hazardous material on the roof
  • Trim overhanging foliage so it stays at least five feet above the roof surface
  • Maintain ten feet of clearance between property’s chimney outlet and foliage

To learn more about what our commercial brush cleaning experts can do for you, call Stay Green now at (800) 741-9150, or contact us online.