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Benefits of Our Drought Defense Program

Drought Defense

Summer is here, and in SoCal, that means drought season is here too. If you are a property owner, it is important to do everything in your power to protect your commercial business. That’s why Stay Green offers our exceptional drought defense program. Since 1970, the commercial landscaping pros at Stay Green have been going above and beyond to keep landscapes looking beautiful and healthy.. We have a 95% customer retention rate, and will do everything we can to tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of our drought defense program, and let Stay Green provide you with the high quality service and state of the art equipment that your property deserves.

What You Get With Our Drought Defense Solutions:

  • Water-Logging: Water-logging is a saturation process that is designed to give your soil the moisture it needs in order to keep your landscaping healthy. When soil conditions on your property decline and dry up over the summer, our landscapers will come in and water-log down to your tree roots. This will not only keep your trees, plants, and grass healthy, it will also flush out any damaging salts that have made their way into the root zones of your property.
  • Reviving: At Stay Green, our deep root watering solutions are not only focused on ensuring that your soil stays moist. We also offer revitalization methods, involving bio-stimulants, stress-reducing compounds, soil conditioners, and beneficial microbes. The goal of treating your landscaping with these substances is to help it reach its full potential, counteracting any damage that may have occurred around the exterior of your property over the years.
  • Insecticide Treatment: Did you know that as a drought sets in and begins to affect the health of your landscaping, your trees may become vulnerable not only to disease, but insect infestations? That’s why in addition to working from the soil up, our drought defense solutions include insecticide treatments to eradicate deadly infestations. Your trees will already have trouble staying healthy due to the lack of moisture and summer heat. We’re here to make sure that a bark beetle infestation does not cause even more harm on top of that.
  • Holistic Drought Defense: Using our combination of reviving and tree armor solutions, Stay Green is able to make sure your commercial landscaping remains completely protected throughout drought season. We use safe, effective materials, and are equipped with the industry-leading tools and technology needed to get the job done right. For a holistic approach to drought defense that will protect and revitalize your entire landscaping, call Stay Green.

Stay Green is available by phone at (800) 741-9150, or you can click here to contact us online.