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Time for Fall

Fall Landscaping Tips: Part Two

In our last blog, we gave you a beginner’s guide to landscaping in autumn. This week, it’s part two of our fall landscaping tips. Keep reading to learn what you need to know to prepare for the change in seasons, and make sure to contact our Southern California commercial landscaping experts for assistance with HOA communities, retail spaces, sports and leisure buildings, and other commercial properties.

5 More Essential Tips for Fall Landscaping:

  1. Get Rid of Annual & Seasonal Foliage: With summer well behind us, it’s important to get rid of any flower boxes, garden beds, and flowerpots that may not make it through the colder weather. For plants that are in good condition and can still be saved, you can use ceramics and soil from unused pots to preserve them over winter.
  2. Flush out Potted Plants with Water: Potted plants are a great hiding place for ants, spider mites, and other pests that thrive in warm, inviting soil. This holds particularly true if you have a lot of tropical plants, which often invite pests to hunker down to escape the colder temperatures.
  3. Winterize Your Plants: Wrapping evergreen shrubs and plants in burlap or putting up a leaf barrier to protect your plants from intense winds and colder weather is a simple way to protect them over the winter.
  4. Mulch Garden Beds: The best cycle for annual mulching is once in spring and once in fall. This will help your soil retain moisture and provide nourishment for your plants as you stop watering them over the next few months.
  5. Lock Up the Garden Shed: Draining and putting away hoses and other tools is a commonsense way to keep your own landscaping equipment safe during the fall and throughout the winter.

And the final fall landscaping tip… call Stay Green Inc. to keep your commercial landscaping green all winter-long! Just dial (800) 741-9150 now or click here to send us your information online.