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Prepping California Commercial Landscaping for the End of Daylight Saving Time
Daylight Savings Time

Daylight saving time ends November 3, 2019. While the extra hour of sleep is nice, more and more attention is being called to the negative consequences of the annual time change. Being a premier, award-winning landscaping company, we make it our business to be aware of how the time change affects commercial landscaping.

Stay Green provides optimum care for commercial landscapes year-round and we are always looking to conserve our clients’ time, natural resources and money. As we get into the fall months and as we approach the end of daylight saving time, we begin to enact our fall services. Is your landscape company doing these things for your commercial landscaping?

Irrigation & Drainage:

1. Reducing Irrigation: Less sunlight and cooler temperatures mean less evaporation. Overwatering can lead to wasted natural resources, pests and unhealthy plants.

2. Winterizing Systems: While we don’t get below-freezing temperatures every year, it’s important to work with a landscape company that knows how to address such occasions. Otherwise, you will be wasting money to replace systems.

3. Inspecting Drainage Systems: Drainage systems must be maintained to prevent erosion or flooding. This is especially important as we head into wetter seasons.

Plant Treatment:

1. Trimming: During this season, plant growth slows. Now is the time to prune shrubs and trees under twelve feet to ensure healthy growth in the next season.

2. Fertilizing: This is a great time to restore soil nutrients. We like to think of fall fertilization as tucking the plants in for the season.

3. Controlling Weeds: After seasonal rains, weed seeds are in the ground preparing to germinate. We apply a pre-emergent herbicide to stop weeds before they sprout!

Overall Landscaping:

1. Removing Leaf Debris: Your landscaping impacts potential clients’ first impression of your business. For this reason, we make sure your lawns, planters and sidewalks are free of leaf debris.

2. Landscape Design: Stay Green delivers landscapes from start to finish that conserve natural resources, save clients money and look good year-round. Even while most of your plants are dormant, your commercial landscaping will still look clean and beautiful.

We service our clients’ landscaping with long-term sustainability in mind. How is your landscape being prepped for the end of day light saving time and fall and winter months?