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Signs It’s Time to Remove a Tree from Your Business’s Property
Tree Removal

Trees on a commercial property can either be eye-catching or an eyesore. Trees can bring out the best in a commercial property, adding curb appeal, and, in some cases, providing shade and other functional benefits. However, if a tree is in poor condition, it can make a business’s landscaping and facilities look less appealing and cause safety problems.

How Do I Know It’s Time to Remove a Tree from My Business’s Property?

It’s not always obvious that a tree on your property is in bad shape. In some instances, the tree has internal issues that only a professional examination can unearth. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, you can tell just by looking at a tree that it is on its last legs and/or poses a danger to your facility and anyone who visits your property. The following are common signs that it’s time to remove a tree from a commercial property:

  • Hollow – A hole in a tree’s trunk can be a sign that the tree is decaying or, at least, weakening. In some instances, a tree is decaying internally but there’s no hole. If that’s the case, you can check by tapping the tree’s trunk in various spots with a rubber mallet. This is known as sounding a tree.
  • Decay or Damage – In addition to holes in a tree’s trunk, there are other signs that a tree is decaying or damaged. These signs can include a tree’s bark peeling in an abnormal fashion, cracks in the trunk, and dead tree branch stumps.
  • Leaning – It’s okay for a tree to lean slightly, but if a tree is leaning drastically in one direction or the other, that’s a problem, especially if the tree is leaning in a way that is uprooting it. Leaning like that puts a lot of stress on the tree’s structure, and it can be a sign of internal decay or damage.
  • Dead Branches – If a tree has a branch die occasionally, that’s usually not a cause for concern. However, if several branches have died in a brief time, there’s probably an issue. In many cases, the tree could be suffering from a disease or have a pest problem.
  • Insects – Pests can kill your trees quickly. The best way to prevent insects and other pests from killing your trees is to have your trees undergo regular pest control services.
  • Disease – Trees can face a wide range of diseases. Fungal diseases are common. In many cases, if mushrooms are growing on and around a tree, it is suffering from a fungal disease. Other signs include wilting leaves, discolored leaves, and stunted growth.
  • Root Rot – If a tree’s roots are rotting, there may be time to save it with treatment, but you must act quickly. However, since most of us don’t have x-ray vision, we can’t look at a tree’s roots to determine if they’re rotting. Fortunately, there are other signs that a tree may be suffering from root rot. Signs can include fungus growing up from the roots, decaying branches, stunted growth, wilted leaves, and a thin canopy.
  • Dead – In some instances, you may need a professional to determine if a tree is dead. Signs a tree has died include not having buds or leaves during growth season, dead branches, and the tree developing a drastic lean.
  • Hazard – Sometimes a tree that is perfectly fine must be removed from a property. This usually happens because the tree is in an area where it poses a safety risk. It could be too close to a building or powerlines, which could lead to it causing significant damage if it were to fall during a storm or for some other reason.

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