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How to Prepare Your Business’s Landscaping for Wildfires

In Southern California, we’re no strangers to the devastating impact of wildfires. Because of California’s drought conditions, our state is particularly prone to wildfires developing and spreading rapidly. In most cases, wildfires destroy everything in their path, including forests, homes, and businesses. However, despite how destructive wildfires are, there are things that commercial property owners can do to prepare their landscaping for wildfires.

Tips for Preparing Your Business’s Landscaping for Wildfires

There are several ways that you can prepare your business to face a wildfire. You can create an emergency plan for yourself and your employees to ensure you escape the fire quickly. However, while it is most important that you and everyone on your property escape with your lives, there are things you can do now to ensure that your property is as protected as possible from the impact of the wildfire. This can be accomplished by creating defensible space around your property.

Defensible space involves creating cleared zones around a property that limit the amount of fuel (anything that is especially flammable, such as vegetation) available for the fire. Defensible space is generally made up of three zones. The following is a description of the zones and how each protects your property from a wildfire:

  • Zone 1 – This zone is the area directly around the buildings on your property. It extends from the building to 5 feet away from the building. Nothing that a wildfire could use as a major source of fuel should be in Zone 1. This usually means certain types of plants. For example, juniper, spruce, and pine trees are extremely combustible and should not be present in Zone 1. In addition, anything that could easily catch fire, such as brush and other debris, should be cleared from Zone 1. Instead, items that are less flammable, like gravel, concrete, and rock, should be present in Zone 1.
  • Zone 2 – In Zone 2, which extends from 5 feet away from buildings to 30 feet away from buildings, commercial property owners should limit plant life in the area and keep it spread apart. Trees should be at least 10 feet apart from each other, and there shouldn’t be any shrubs planted near trees, because the fire could spread from the shrubs to the trees. In addition, this area should be kept clear of brush and other debris and trees should be pruned regularly.
  • Zone 3 – This is the area that extends from 30 feet away from the building to 100 feet or more away from the building. The trees in this area should be pruned regularly, and the area should be kept clear of brush and other debris. Dead trees and trees that pose a risk of falling and knocking out power lines or blocking fire access roads should be removed. In addition, trees and shrubs should be spread apart to prevent the fire from jumping from tree to tree or shrub to shrub or shrub to tree.

As you can see, landscaping services, like drought defense and brush clearance, are a crucial part of protecting commercial properties from wildfires.

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