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Commercial Landscaping Tips: Pros and Cons of Adding Shade Trees to Your Property
Tree with Shade

Spending time outdoors on your property can be an enjoyable experience if the weather cooperates. Currently, that’s not the case. California’s in the middle of an historic heatwave, which means that anytime you’re outdoors, the sun is probably bearing down on you.

While we can’t control the weather, there are things we can do to make spending time outdoors, even during a heatwave, much more bearable. One option is to add shade trees to your property. Your time outside can be a lot more enjoyable when you have a bit of shade to provide you cover from the sun’s relentless rays. This not only benefits you, but also anyone else who spends time on your property, such as employees, residents, and customers.

Pros and Cons of Shade Trees

Shade trees can be an excellent addition to your commercial property. They can make your landscaping more appealing to the eye and serve several practical functions, too. Still, in some cases, there can be drawbacks to having shade trees on your property. The following are a list of pros and cons of having shade trees on your property:

  • Pro: Shade trees provide shade. Arguably, the biggest benefit of having shade trees is that they provide shade. Shade trees can provide you and anyone who spends time on your property with a shady refuge while they’re outside during the day. Shade trees can also provide buildings on your property with shade, which can help lessen how much you rely on AC and lower your energy costs. In addition, your property needs a balance of sunlight and shade. Some of your property’s plant life thrives better when it’s not exposed to direct sunlight. However, other parts of your landscaping needs direct sunlight to survive. That’s why it’s very important to have a plan in place before adding shade trees to your property.
  • Con: They could damage your landscaping. If shade trees are planted in the wrong parts of your property, or the wrong types of shade trees are added to your property, the results can be disastrous. As stated earlier, some areas of your property need direct sunlight to thrive, so planting a shade tree in those areas can lead to plants on that part of your property suffering. In addition, the roots of shade trees can run deep and spread out far and wide. This can hurt the growth of other plants on your property. Shade trees must be planted in areas where their roots won’t harm the rest of your landscaping. Also, if shade trees are planted too close to buildings, their roots can cause damage to the facility’s plumbing.
  • Pro: They help expand your property’s ecosystem. Shade trees can attract different kinds of animals and insects to your property. They can serve as a refuge and food source for certain kinds of insects and animals. For example, if you would like to see more butterflies on your property, there are specific types of shade trees you can plant that will flower and attract butterflies.
  • Con: Pests can become a problem. Because shade trees can attract animals and insects, there’s the chance they will attract pests. In some cases, your shade trees can attract termites and rodents. This is why it’s very important to plan where you plant your shade trees and what types of trees you will plant on your property. In addition, making sure your trees receive regular pest control services can help prevent them from becoming infested with pests.
  • Pro: Shade trees provide privacy. Shade trees can provide a certain level of privacy and security to your property. To a degree, they can allow you to control what people visiting or passing by your property see and don’t see.

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