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Anxious About Your Landscaping During the Drought? That’s OUR Job: It’s Why Our Name is ‘Stay Green’!

Drought Plants

Global warming. Drought. The state with possibly the strictest environmental regulations. Severe water restrictions. And it’s summer! California – and Southern California especially – is facing the perfect dry storm.

Just like with the advent of professional modern dentistry the days of tying one end of a string to a rotten tooth and the other to a doorknob to yank it out with a slam (Ouch!) were left in the past, so today’s drought calls for non-experts to put aside do-it-yourself heroics when it comes to caring for lawns, trees, flowerbeds and shrubbery, and seek expert intervention where your precious, threatened landscaping is concerned. Stop the pain!

Here are the worrisome, labor-intensive gardening tasks you can leave to us—or put another way, go and get yourself a nice cold glass of water, and leave the watering of your landscaping to us:

  • Pre-planting planning (a chore that even sounds as difficult as a tongue twister, no?). We know the types of grass, shrubs and other kinds of vegetation that require less watering and still look good in a landscape “ensemble.” Let US take care of your landscaping makeover.
  • Deciding how much and how to water. State restrictions will dictate how much. The “How?” is hard. But we can turn that “How?” into a “Wow!” if you let us. We can introduce different types of irrigation systems (including drip irrigation, which has been an industry best practice for years), timers, and other measures to ensure your landscaping is watered thoroughly—though less often—and more efficiently, to prevent evaporation in the summer heat.
  • Meeting your soil’s nutritional needs. Just like a dietician will help a person find a healthy balance in their nutritional intake, we will customize the proper “diet” for your soil so that it remains healthy with less watering. We can do this by achieving the right balance of compost and other nutrients, aeration, adjusted watering, and measures to discourage people from walking and trampling on your lawn and compacting the ground, thus taking away its ability to “breathe” and take in water and nutrients.
  • Mowing and trimming. You don’t cut your own hair, do you? You most likely leave that to a barber or hair stylist who put in his or her hours at a barber or beauty college before they were given a hair care professional certificate. Well, we are professionals. Let us “style” your lawn and shrubbery for the most presentable (dare we say, “alluring and desirable”?) look possible.

Stay Green has been providing businesses in Southern California with top-notch landscaping services since 1970. We are experts at sustainability and landscape maintenance. We can help you make sure your landscaping doesn’t just survive drought conditions but thrives in them. Our landscaping specialists provide high-quality services for commercial customers.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring Stay Green to help you with your landscaping needs, read our customers’ reviews on our website,

For more information about our drought defense services, or to let us know about your specific situation, call us toll free at 800-741-9150 or get in touch with us by filling out the electronic form on the “Contact Us” tab of our website. Our estimates are FREE!