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Commercial Landscaping Tips: January Landscaping Checklist

A flower growing from snow covered ground.

With 2023 almost here, many of us may be focused on finishing 2022 on a high note. However, the end of the year is a great time to prepare to start the next year right. One way that business owners, homeowners’ associations (HOA), and commercial property owners can start next year strong is by making sure they are properly caring for their property’s landscaping. In this blog, we are going to discuss January commercial landscaping tips.

January Commercial Landscaping Tips

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that your landscaping doesn’t need work. The following is a January commercial landscaping checklist:

  • Clear debris – Debris, such as leaves, brush, and trash, can damage your lawn if it isn’t removed. It can kill your grass and other plants and prevent the growth of your lawn and other plants when spring arrives. Keeping your landscaping clear of debris should be a top priority in January and throughout the year.
  • Prune – January is a good time to inspect your plants for broken branches, disease, weak sections, and other damage. Those sections should be pruned to make way for healthy growth in the spring. Make sure that someone who knows what they’re doing prunes your property’s landscaping because if it’s done incorrectly, it can do more harm than good.
  • Soil management – January is an excellent time to turn the soil around smaller plants and shrubs. This should be done gently, and it shouldn’t be done if the soil is wet or frozen. Turning the soil can help uncover pests and their eggs, so they can be destroyed. Turning the soil can help break apart compacted soil as well. During this time, you can also apply new mulch around shrubs and trees. The mulch should be two to three inches deep. It will help protect the roots of the trees and shrubs from the cold weather.

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