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HOA Tips: How to Protect Your Trees from Hard Freezes

Grass covered in frost.

In Southern California, while our weather is ideal more often than not, we still experience cold weather spells here and there, especially this time of year. Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are responsible for several aspects of their community’s grounds, including the plant life. When we do experience those cold winter days, one thing that HOAs should be prepared to do is protect their property’s trees from the impact of hard freezes.

Tips for Protecting Your Trees from Hard Freezes

We don’t always have much warning before a cold snap hits, so it’s important to know what to do and how to act quickly to protect your trees from hard freezes. The following are a few tips for protecting your trees from hard freezes:

  • Water – Moist soil absorbs more heat from sunlight than dry soil. The more heat the soil around your trees absorbs, the warmer the soil will be throughout the night. Warmer soil will radiate heat, which can help keep your trees warmer if there’s a freeze.
  • Cover – If you know there’s a freeze coming, cover your trees with a tarp or burlap sheet that extends to the ground. The burlap sheet or tarp will trap the warmth from the ground. If possible, use a frame to limit contact between the tarp or sheet and the tree’s foliage.
  • Mulch – Applying wood chip mulch around the trees can help prevent the soil around the tree from losing moisture and protect the tree’s roots from the cold.

After the freeze, wait to prune any parts of the tree damaged because of the freeze until spring. That way you can see if anything sprouts from those damaged sections. In many cases, the damage isn’t as bad as you may think.

Is Your HOA Ready for the Next Hard Freeze? If Not, Contact Our Commercial Tree Care Experts in Southern California Today

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