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Is Your Business’s Landscaping Safe From Pests During the Winter?

An insect that can infest landscaping during winter.

With winter set to arrive, commercial property owners may believe that they are about to get a break from pests plaguing their landscaping. However, while you may have to deal with fewer pests day-to-day during the winter, they may be lurking in hiding places throughout your property waiting to emerge once spring arrives.

If you’d like to throw a wrench in their plans, and get a head start on protecting your commercial property from pests in the spring, there are a few ways you can use wintertime to prevent pests from emerging and wreaking havoc on your property in future.

Tips for Preventing Pests From Using Your Landscaping to Survive Winter

Once pests realize winter is nearing, they begin preparing to survive the cold weather months. One way that pests prepare to survive winter is finding somewhere warm and secluded to settle down for winter, such as burrowing inside a tree. This enables pests to remain protected from predators throughout winter and avoid enduring freezing temperatures. A few top hiding places where pest like to spend their winters include:

  • Under piles of fallen leaves
  • Under loose tree bark and burrowed inside trees
  • Under debris on the ground
  • Inside buildings, storage sheds, and other structures

The best way to drive pests off your property during winter is regular landscape maintenance. Landscape maintenance generally involves the following:

Landscape maintenance works because it removes the shelter and food that pests rely on to survive winter.

For more than 50 years, Stay Green has been the go-to commercial landscaping service for businesses in Southern California. Whether you need help with tree care, drought defense, or pest control, you’re in the right place. As our photo gallery and customers’ reviews prove, our experienced commercial landscaping specialists have a long history of helping businesses successfully manage the upkeep of their property.

To learn more about landscape pest control, or to speak to our experienced commercial landscapers in Southern California about your situation, call us at (800) 741-9150 or reach out to us online today.

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