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Some of Your Plants May Take a Fall Break, But We Don’t!

Stay Green Inc.
Fall is a transitional time for your landscapes, when the high-growing summer season gives way to shorter days and cooler temperatures. That change of pace requires special care. At Stay Green, we take the extra steps to ensure a beautiful landscape during this slower-growing season and prepare your landscape for the coming winter.

yellow leaves on a tree and on the ground below it

• Weed Control: Weed seeds are in the ground, waiting to germinate after the winter rains. By applying a pre-emergent herbicide, we stop weeds before they sprout. Treatment must be done now for maximum effectiveness.

• Drainage System Maintenance: Our crews inspect v-ditches and drains, and remove debris that could cause a blockage. Drainage systems must be regularly maintained to prevent damaging erosion, or even flooding.

• Pruning: As cooler temperatures slow plant growth, it’s the perfect time to prune shrubs and trees under 12 feet, to promote healthy growth in the months to come. We prune shrubs by hand to avoid unnecessary plant damage.

• Leaf Debris Removal: Changing temperatures prompt trees to drop their leaves. We stay busy clearing leaf debris from lawns, planters and sidewalks.

• Fertilization: By augmenting soil nutrients, we keep lawns lush, shrubs, color, and trees healthy as they prepare for spring.

As always, if you have any questions about how Stay Green can help your landscapes look their best through the fall and into the coming winter, please call the Stay Green team at (800) 741-9150.

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