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What Happens If I Don’t Pass My Brush Clearance Inspection?

2 firefighters putting out brush fire

It’s that time of year again! To prevent wildfires and protect the lives and property of those in our community, the Los Angeles Fire Department has created a comprehensive brush program. If your business is in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone (VHFHSZ), you are required to adhere to brush clearance regulations (an in-depth review of these regulations can be found here). Continue reading to find out what happens when your property does not comply with brush clearance regulations.

When Do the Inspections Take Place?

By May 15th, 2021, your property needs to be able to pass an inspection conducted by the fire department. These inspections will take place between May 15th and June 30th, 2021 and the fire department will issue a fee of $29 to conduct this inspection. If your property complies with these regulations by May 15th, 2021, this fee will be waved.

Notice of Violation & Re-Inspection

If firefighters discover potential hazards on your property during their initial inspection, you will be required to pay the $29 inspection fee and issued a notice of violation and re-inspection. Those who receive a notice of violation will have 30 days from their initial inspection to address any hazards before their property is inspected again.

Failed Re-Inspections

If your property passes the re-inspection, you will not be subject to a re-inspection fee, but a failed re-inspection will result in additional fees.

Fees for failed re-inspections include:

  • Re-inspection fee: $516
  • City contractor fees: $1,303 (contracting administrative fee) + the contractor’s price

After failing a second inspection, the fire department will deliver a notice of a failed re-inspection and have a city contractor clear your property for you. The city contractor will inspect your land and eliminate any fire hazards.

*Note: The Los Angeles Fire Department is the final authority in determining whether or not your property complies with brush clearance regulations.

Important COVID-19 Updates

As we continue to grapple with the global pandemic, a few adjustments have been made to the inspections this year.

Important updates include:

  • Your LAFD inspectors will practice social distancing during the inspection.
  • You cannot have an in-person meeting with your inspector at this time.
  • The brush clearance violation due date has been extended. You now have 30 days from the date of your initial inspection to take care of fire hazards on your property.

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