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Stay Green Is Proud to Offer Sustainable Irrigation Services

two hands holding a plant with water pouring over them

Here at Stay Green, we are committed to providing sustainable services that minimize your environmental impact while maximizing your bottom line.

Our Water Management Services division is always on the hunt for newer and better ways to conserve water while keeping your landscape in pristine condition. As a leader in commercial landscaping for 50+ years, Stay Green is a trusted expert in efficient irrigation practices and landscape innovation.

To deliver beautiful, efficient landscaping, our team uses the following methods:

  • California-friendly plants: California presents a variety of climate challenges that can make plant growth difficult.

Luckily, Stay Green is familiar with a ton of different plant varieties that require very little water and can withstand extreme heat, including:

    • California fuchsia
    • Twinberry honeysuckle
    • Tree poppy
    • Showy penstemon
    • Mesa bush mallow
    • Western blue flax
    • Sulphur buckwheat
    • Douglas iris

Using plants that are native to California can save your business thousands of dollars in water.

  • Water conservation technology: Stay Green is a proud partner of Weathermatic, a leader in water conservation technology. This smart solution technology allows us to monitor and minimize water usage, reduce the risk of slip spots, and make the most of watering opportunities.
  • California’s standard requires new spray sprinkler bodies to come with built-in pressure regulation, so that the water pressure reaching the sprinkler nozzle is always close to the manufacturer’s recommended operating pressure.
  • Our team only uses California-approved spray sprinkler bodies to ensure your landscape is compliant and reduce the possibility of water waste.

Interested in learning more about our water conservation services? Reach out to our service representatives today. We are always happy to provide sustainable landscaping tips and tricks.

Our commercial landscaping services include:

We Never Compromise on Quality

Since opening our doors in 1970, Stay Green has designed, built, and maintained many pristine landscapes throughout California. From government municipalities to theme parks to homeowner’s associations to universities to company headquarters, we have extensive experience providing property owners and managers with exceptional, sustainable services without sacrificing aesthetics. Our team is skilled in delivering exquisite designs and building and maintaining vibrant, beautiful grounds.