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Amidst California’s Current Drought, Stay Green Continues to Provide Water-Smart Commercial Landscaping Services
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Due to an extremely dry spring thus far, some of California’s reservoirs are drier than they have been in decades. Urban communities who rely on the Central Valley Project are expected to receive only 25% of their contracted water supply, farmers are holding back on plantings, and environmentalists are preparing for devastation throughout the state. While a statewide emergency mandating consumption cutbacks has not yet been declared, it is incredibly important that we all do our part to conserve water any chance we get.

Here at Stay Green, our team is committed to preserving the natural environment around us to build a better world for future generations. Everything we do is geared towards providing smart, stainable, and safe services that minimize your environmental impact while maximizing your bottom line.

Our Water-Smart Practices

Drought conditions or not, Stay Green will always advocate for and implement water-smart practices. Our Water Management Services division is always on the hunt for newer and better ways to reduce your water consumption. In addition, we are always fully up to date on the latest regulations regarding irrigation and water usage, so you can rest easy knowing we ensure your landscape is compliant and will save you water.

We opt for California-Friendly Plants

Stay Green is familiar with all of the challenges presented by Southern California’s climate, which is why we opt to use drought- and heat-resistant plants whenever we can. Plants that are native to California require less water and are more durable, which saves you plenty of time and money in the long run.

Some of our favorite Native California plants include:

  • Silver Lupine
  • Maritime Ceanothus
  • California Wildrose
  • Douglas Iris
  • Island Snapdragon
  • Cliff Maids
  • Blue Eyed Grass
  • Flannel Bush
  • Woolly Bluecurls
  • California Four O’clock
  • Toluaca
  • Island Morning Glory

If you are interested in using Native California plants, our team can provide you with a variety of options, including perennials, grasses, succulents, and more. Native plants are easier to grow and maintain, which makes them an excellent option for your landscape.

We Have Access to State-of-the-Art Irrigation Technology

At Stay Green, we are incredibly proud to partner with Weathermatic to ensure our customers have access to the highest performing, most energy-efficient irrigation technology on the market. Thanks to Weathermatic’s smart monitoring systems, you can reduce your water usage by up to 50%, prevent landscape damage, reduce liability from hazardous slip spots, and comply with water restrictions.

We Use Mulch

Not only does mulching enhance the curb appeal of your landscape, but it also conserves plenty of water. Mulch reduces the amount of water that evaporates from your soil, ensuring that your plants have enough water to thrive. Helping your soil improve its ability to hold water significantly reduces the need for re-watering, helping you to cut back on your water usage.

We Maintain Healthy Soils

Healthy soil is the key to a water-smart landscape; it effectively cycles and absorbs nutrients, holds water, and prevents runoff. Through routine soil analysis, organic amendments, and mulching, we maintain healthy soils, which in turn, creates healthy landscapes.

Choose Stay Green

Since 1970, Stay Green has remained Southern California’s leading commercial landscaper. Each member of our team consistently adheres to the highest standards in professionalism, workmanship, and results, to ensure each of our customers receives the premium-quality service they deserve. We cater to commercial properties of all sizes, including government municipalities, theme parks, homeowner’s associations, office buildings, company headquarters, resorts, sports arenas, and more.

Our commercial landscaping services include:

To learn more about how Stay Green can help you conserve water and maintain a pristine landscape, call (800) 741-9150. We can also be reached online.