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Winter Ground Care - Set your landscape up for a successful spring!
Winter Ground Care

Winter is the perfect time to get your grounds on the path to looking great in the coming spring and summer months. These next few weeks are crucial in getting your landscape ready to blossom. We have included a few tips and tricks to get your yard healthy in the new year!

Thin Out Plant Material
Pruning shrubs and trees, cutting back ornamental grasses and removing dead debris helps to prevent disease and insect infestation while opening space for new growth. Plant thinning and winter brush removal also gives your landscaping a clean, professional look.

Weed Control

Weed seeds are in the ground now, just waiting to grow! The winter rains give them everything that they need to take over your yard. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide helps to stop weeds before they have a chance to start! Treatment must be done in the winter months for maximum effect. Maintaining a good layer of mulch is also an important weed control measure.

Lay Down New Mulch
Refreshing mulched areas is another way to keep grounds looking crisp. In addition to improving aesthetic appeal, a dense layer of mulch helps to protect sensitive plants and retain moisture and nutrients in the soil.

Tree Care

It is time to remove those unnecessary stakes from healthy trees mature enough to stand strong on their own. Trim the low hanging branches to improve air circulation and prevent pest infestation.

Specialized Maintenance

Inspect all drains and remove any debris that could cause a blockage. Like rain gutters on your home, drainage systems must be regularly maintained to ensure that they are effectively removing runoff. Neglecting these tasks can lead to damaging erosion, or even flooding.

Healthy Landscaping, Season After Season
From expert plant and tree care to landscape design and sustainable water management services, Stay Green Inc provides a full suite of services to keep your property looking stunning throughout the year. Contact us today at (800) 585-5508 to learn more about our award-winning work.