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Top 3 Winter Landscaping Services
Landscaping Tips for Winter

A lot of property owners assume that when the seasons change from fall to winter, there’s not a lot they can do for their landscaping. The colder weather obviously makes it harder to be outside, and it’s true that a lot of flowers and plant life won’t start to bloom again till the spring. However, you should not neglect your outdoor property during winter, as there is a lot you can still do for your trees and plants over the season. Keeping reading to learn about Stay Green’s top 3 winter landscaping services, and make sure to call our professionals for commercial landscaping maintenance year-round.

The Top 3 Landscaping Services to Call for This Winter

  1. Special Cleaning & Maintenance: Over the winter, there are many important landscape cleaning and maintenance tasks specific to the season. Checking on your drains and gutters, for instance, and cleaning out blockages from leaves and other debris is key. If you let these obstructions accumulate and potentially freeze over the winter, you could have a real mess on your hands come spring, so it’s better to let a landscaping professional handle them during the wintertime.
  2. Lawn Care & Preparation: Just because the ground may be harder during winter does not mean it shouldn’t be maintained. Our professional landscapers not only suggest trimming trees and pruning shrubs over the winter months, but also calling for fertilizing and mulching service. This will get rid of dead plants in your yard, and help your lawn retain moisture and look great again in the spring. Our experts at Stay Green can also wrap your trees in burlap to protect them from the cold, and we offer water management services, including sprinkler draining and more.
  3. Weed Control: While it’s a good idea to have weeds removed periodically throughout the year, this service may actually be especially important during the winter. This is because weed seeds are in the ground and waiting to germinate during the winter months, and as soon as spring comes, they are likely to spring right up. By applying pre-emergent herbicide, we can stop weeds before they sprout, keeping your landscape beautiful and weed-free all year!

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