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4 Ways to Make Your Trees Grow Faster
Tree Care

How To Make Trees Grow Faster

Tree Growth StagesBeautiful, healthy trees are a great way to make any property look its best. But what happens when you plant a tree, and it simply refuses to grow? While you may not know it, you could actually be interfering with your tree’s ability to reach its full potential. In this article, we will provide you with five top ways that you can make your trees grow faster. Make sure to contact our commercial landscaping experts at Stay Green for your complete tree care needs!

The Top 4 Ways to Make Your Trees Grow Faster

  1. Be Careful with Lawn Care: One of the advantages of hiring a professional landscaping service like Stay Green is that we know how to provide lawn care that’s safe for your trees and your entire property. However, if you are performing lawn care on your own, or hiring an amateur to take care of your property, you could be doing your trees a disservice. Tree bark is very sensitive, and anytime you hit a tree, you are essentially injuring it. Whether it’s because of your lawnmower, your weed whacker, or general pruning, even small nicks and scrapes to a tree can have a major effect on its long-term health. If you want your trees to grow taller faster, be careful when performing lawn care, or call Stay Green for professional landscape maintenance. Our landscaping professionals have the tools and experience needed to ensure that your trees are growing at a healthy and steady pace.
  2. Make Sure Your Trees Have Space: Trees need space to reach their full potential. If you want a tree to really grow and thrive, you should dig about three feet out from the trunk during planting. This way, the other trees around that one can’t steal the nutrients the roots need to grow. You should also mulch your tree in the beginning, to create a kind of protective boundary around it. While we understand that the idea of densely populated trees may be tempting for the shade and aesthetics, the three feet rule is key if you want your trees to grow tall and live for a long time.
  3. Make Sure You're Watering Enough: Making sure that you are providing your tree with the water it needs is essential for growth. Supplemental water at least 1-2 times a week is important, especially at seasons of minimum rainfall. You also want to make sure that you are not overwatering your tree. Giving your tree excess water may hinder your tree from breathing properly. Some signs to look out for are fragile leaves, pale or yellow-looking tree growth, or a tree base that is constantly wet.
  4. Watch the Roots: Nothing is more important to maintaining a healthy tree than ensuring that the tree has healthy roots. Your tree root systems should be surrounded by good soil, and in the beginning, mulch to encourage growth. You can also use a fertilizer with a root stimulator to help. If your tree roots are not pulling in water, it may be because the soil around the tree is hard or poor quality. Stir in compost and mulched leaves, and if necessary, put down fresh soil to help the roots take in water.

Should I Use Fertilizer To Make My Trees Grow Fast?

This is a commonly asked question, "should I use fertilizer to speed up and help my tree's growth?" The answer depends on whether or not you are already fertilizing your lawn. Lawn fertilization does the trick. In other words, if you are already fertilizing your lawn, that should be sufficient enough to provide your trees with the added nutrients that they need, and your trees do not need additional fertilizer. As a matter of fact, overfertilizing your trees may be more harmful than beneficial, as it over pushes the tree to grow at rates that inhibit it from having a well-built root system that is strong and healthy.

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