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The Best Plants to Fill Out Your Landscaping

Walking Iris

Beautiful landscaping isn’t just about lawn and tree care. It’s also about plants that will fill in empty spaces, and add texture to your property. With the right plants, you can give your landscaping a sense of flow and symmetry, and create patterns that are pleasing to the eye and will impress everyone who steps onto your property. However, creating attractive landscaping isn’t just about grouping flowers and bushes together randomly. Keep reading to learn the best plants to fill out your landscaping, and make sure to call our pros at Stay Green for all your commercial landscaping needs.

Ten Plants to Give Your Landscaping a Textured Look

  1. Kalanchoe Bracteata: Kalanchoe Bracteata, also known as silver teaspoons, are medium-sized shrubs/succulents. Their dimensions make them excellent for filling up space, and their silver color is sure to add a unique sense of beauty to your property.
  2. Salvia Leucantha: Known colloquially as Salvia Santa Barbara, Salvia Leucantha is a compact shrub with a brilliant purple color that immediately draws the eye.
  3. Strobilanthes Gossypina: Commonly referred to as the “pewter bush,” Strobilanthes Gossypina is another compact shrub. It has a grey tone that goes with practically anything, and can easily be planted among other shrubs and succulents.
  4. Sansevieria Trifasciata: Sansevieria trifasciata is known for its distinct upward leaks, which look like blades and can add a new dimension to your next landscaping project.
  5. Beschorneria Yuccoides: Better known as the Mexican lily,Beschorneria Yuccoides comes in medium to large sizes, which makes it great for taking up space, and comes in lovely blue and green colors.
  6. Raphiolepsis Oriental Pearl: The Raphiolepsis Oriental Pearl is a medium compact shrub that produces striking white clusters in springtime.
  7. Neomarica Northiana: Most people know Neomarica northiana as the Walking Iris, though some also refer to it as North’s False Flag. These wide-leafed flowering plants easily fill landscaping space, and have the same beauty of the average iris.
  8. Crassula Blue Bird: The blue bird variety of the Crassula is a 2-3 foot tall succulent shrub that has outstanding blue foliage, perfect for any landscape that needs to take up space and add a sense of beauty.
  9. Boxwood Balls: Boxwood Balls, also called Buxus Balls, are round spheres with bright green leaves. They will give your property a stately look, and convey that you really care about your landscaping.
  10. Blue Glow Agave: Blue glow agave is small and spikey, with a gorgeous greenish-blue tone that compliments almost any landscaping arrangement.

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