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How to Hang Christmas Lights Around Your Landscaping

Christmas tree landscaping

How to Hang Christmas Lights Around Your Landscaping

It’s that time of year again! Time to get out the decorations, hang the lights, and put up the tree. But what about the other trees—the ones that are a part of your property’s commercial landscaping? In this blog, Stay Green Inc. is going to break down how to hang Christmas lights around your landscaping this holiday season. With the help of our Southern California commercial landscaping team, your property is going to look great this Christmas, and your trees and plants will continue to stay healthy all year long!

Christmas Lights & Commercial Landscaping: What You Need to Know

  1. Safe Outlets Are the Only Outlets: Ensuring you have safe, working outlets before putting up lights around your yard or exterior property is key. The last thing anyone wants for their home or commercial business during Christmastime is overloaded outlets around dry plants, creating a potential fire risk.
  2. New Lights Are Always Better: With modern,energy-efficient LED lighting,you not only run less of a risk of overloading your outlets, you also drive down your property’s electricity bills. This means no electrical fire hazards on your commercial property, and more savings throughout the holiday season!
  3. Less Is More: We’re already discussed why it’s important not to overload your outlets, but there’s no reason to weigh your trees and plants down with heavy lighting, either. In addition to damaging your landscaping, this can also make your display look overstuffed and tacky, rather than elegant and tasteful. When putting up lights outside your business or commercial property this holiday season, consider stopping after a few well-placed strings and a holiday wreath.
  4. Use Ground Lighting for Safety: The exception to the rule, in regards to the last point, is that ground lighting can be a way to create a symmetrical runway to your house, while also making your property safer. With a few well-placed ground lights, you can illuminate the rest of your decorations, while making sure people don’t step on extension cords or any of your landscaping as they approach your property.
  5. Don’t Forget to Neglect Your Landscaping Needs: Even though it’s winter and some of your plants may not be in bloom, that doesn’t mean you should abandon your landscaping altogether! To keep your plants safe this holiday season and healthy throughout the year, call Stay Green Inc. for commercial landscaping services today. We know how to keep your landscaping looking great in a way that won’t disrupt your lighting display and will help your property stay warm and inviting this Christmas.

From poinsettias to mistletoe, you can trust our Southern California commercial landscaping experts at Stay Green! Call (800) 741-9150 to schedule service, or contact us online.