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Stay Green Winter Landscape Services
Stay Green Inc.

It might seem strange, but as far as landscaping services go, winter is as much about spring as anything else. During the winter you’ll find the Stay Green team busily preparing your clients’ properties for spring — performing the critical tasks that set plants, turf, trees and shrubs onto the path for a healthy, vibrant spring.

Among these services are:

• Pruning & Mulching: Many shrubs and bushes require hard pruning, or removing most of the foliage to promote healthy growth in the months to come. We hard prune by hand – never with a machine – to avoid unnecessary plant damage. Mulching helps soil retain moisture and provides needed nutrients.

• Weed Control: Weed seeds are in the ground now, waiting to germinate after the winter rains. Applying pre-emergent herbicide stops weeds before they sprout, keeping planters, hillsides, and other areas weed-free. Treatment must be done now for maximum effectiveness.

• Tree Care: We remove unnecessary stakes from healthy trees mature enough to stand on their own. Skirting, or removing low-hanging branches, improves air circulation through the canopy. It also prevents pest infestation by removing branches that touch the ground and allow insects into the tree.

• Specialized Maintenance: Our crews inspect v-ditches and drains, and remove any debris that could cause a blockage. Like the rain gutters on a house, drainage systems must be regularly maintained to ensure they are effectively removing runoff. Neglecting these tasks can lead to damaging erosion, or even flooding.

If you have any questions about how Stay Green can help your clients’ landscapes look their best now while also getting properly prepped for Spring, please call the Stay Green team at (800) 741-9150.