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Stay Green Team Donates Time and Trees to Provide Shade for Deaf Dogs
Stay Green Inc.
Buck gets water from a volunteerIt was a day full of sunshine, landscaping and doggy affection for 11 Stay Green executives and managers as they donated their time and several trees to AngelDogs Foundation Deaf Dog Ranch in Acton on Oct. 18. The Stay Green team was proud to donate a mix of eight Palo Alto, mulberry and pine trees to three dog runs at the nonprofit ranch.

We picked the appropriate species which will perform well in this environment and provide shade and shelter for these wonderful dogs.

Jorge Donapetry, a Stay Green human resources manager, connected with Buck, a Dogo Argentino/Great Dane mix that resides at the ranch. “Buck’s my man. He’s Argentinian and so am I,” Donapetry said with a smile as he pet the large white dog. “I love dogs, so giving to them is wonderful.”

Two dogs near a freshly planted treeGiving back to the community is part of Stay Green’s focus. “It shows people that we care. Not many companies do this anymore,” said Gary Gonzales, a Los Angeles account manager for Stay Green.

Stay Green Vice President Rene Rivera boasted a big smile as he surveyed the completed project, which was valued at several thousand dollars. “I think it turned out really good. In two years, these trees will provide a really good canopy for the dogs,” he said. “It’s something that’s not only beneficial for the nonprofit, but also for the managers to remember what it’s like out in the field. They forget that it’s hard work sometimes.”

Lisa Tipton, founder of AngelDogs Foundation Deaf Dog Ranch, was extremely grateful for Stay Green’s efforts, hugging the crew as they exited the property after the three-hour project was completed.

Stay Green teamSaid Tipton: “I can’t thank Stay Green enough for what they did today. It makes the ranch more beautiful, functional and comfortable for our dogs. These trees will be a permanent reminder of their kindness and generosity.”