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4th Annual Training For Safety And Success

Stay Green Inc.

Stay Green Inc team photoAll Stay Green Inc. employees participated in the company’s 4th Annual Training for Safety and Success Tuesday April 16 through Thursday, April 18. Each year, Stay Green team members are briefed on the latest industry safety practices, preventative maintenance techniques, and proper use of all landscaping equipment. This company-wide training is part of Stay Green’s initiative to instill the importance of workplace safety in all employees. 

Stay Green Inc. has been in the business of building beautiful landscapes for 49 years. As one of the top 200 landscape companies in the nation, Stay Green holds numerous regional and national awards from organizations such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and the California Landscape Contractor Association. Stay Green attributes these awards to their family of employees and their commitment to safety and excellent customer service—values that are instilled through trainings and investing in employees.  

By prioritizing and investing in its employees and offering competitive compensation and benefits packages, Stay Green has positioned itself as an excellent employer at the forefront of the landscape industry. This year, Stay Green’s team in Downey, CA proudly celebrated its fourth year of being accident-free.

“We’re known for our beautiful, efficient landscapes, but it’s really our employees that make us famous,” said CEO Chris Angelo. “We know when we reinvest in our employees through trainings like this, we are communicating that we care about them and we appreciate the hard work they put in.” 

With the company’s expansion through the acquisition of Pacific Crest Landscaping, Stay Green will continue to prioritize safety. That means that more than 400 employees who serve clients throughout Southern California will continue to participate in multi-day trainings that improve safety and spur on their professional development. 

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