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What Does Your Commercial Landscaping Tell People About Your Business?

Stay Green Inc.

Sunset over an office buildingWhether your business is conducted at a physical location or primarily online, the characteristics of your commercial environment have an impact on customer perception. The exterior of your property is the face you show to the world. It is your first impression and will be interpreted by clients and potential clients as part of your company brand.

Landscaping Is the “Dress Code” of Your Physical Business.

What your business presents through its landscape design, proper maintenance and sustainability, are all part of the expressed values of your company and will be viewed as such. Making sure your property’s appearance is aligned with and reflects company values has benefits, both tangible and intangible.

Well-Designed and Maintained Commercial Landscaping:

  • Increases curb appeal.
  • Adds value to real estate.
  • Generates community goodwill.
  • Symbolizes growth, success, and care.
  • Increases employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Shows commitment to green practices and sustainability.
  • Is a vital part of branding your business.

What If Your Business Is Internet-Based?

You may think that the appearance of your physical office is less relevant if your business is conducted primarily online but that is not the case. Mega-leaders Google, Apple, and Facebook pay great attention to the design and maintenance of their corporate headquarters, using architecture and landscaping to further define their brands and creatively express company values.

Take a Look at Your Commercial Landscaping Through Fresh Eyes.

Is your landscape design creative or classic, bold or understated? Does it reflect company values on sustainability and green practices? Is it organized or haphazard, tended or neglected? Does it use natural resources wisely? Is it an afterthought or an integral part of your company presentation? And finally, are you getting any return on your investment?

Mindfully Choosing and Maintaining Your Commercial Landscape Is a Vital Part of Company Branding.

If you have never really thought about commercial landscaping as anything other than putting a pretty face on your property’s exterior, now is the time to redesign. The professionals at Stay Green Inc can help you evaluate, revise, and maintain your commercial landscaping in a way that reflects your company values, is aligned with your brand, and offers a better return on your investment. Call today at (800) 741-9150!

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