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Caring for Trees in Desert Climates
Stay Green Inc.

Oak tree on a hillsideConsecutive years of dry weather and restrictive watering, with the addition of sudden heavy rain and wind, result in falling tree limbs and snapping trunks. You may even see an entire tree, roots and all, topple over. The effects are obvious, but the causes and solutions are more nuanced.  

Problem #1: Salt Accumulation

Salts naturally build up near tree roots as a byproduct of water. Ordinarily, watering would help divert salt away from root zones. When watering has to be reduced, salt buildup causes plant stress and root burn.   

Solution #1: Salt Mitigation

Injecting water into the soil where most fine roots are located ensures salts are washed away from the root zone. This should be done a few times a month. 

Problem #2: Hydrophobic Soil

Have you ever tried applying lotion to chapped hands? Soil is similar to skin in that it resists hydration once it becomes too dry. This means water sits on the surface rather than being absorbed into the soil. Tree roots are then left parched. 

Solution #2: Deep Watering

Similar to the process used for salt mitigation, water is injected into the deep-root area. Bio-stimulants, beneficial microbes, soil conditioners and stress-reducing compounds are added to the water to support health. These boosters stimulate improved soil condition, new root growth and more. 

Problem #3: Insect and Disease Infestation

Unhealthy trees become a buffet for diseases and insects like deadly bark beetles. Once adult bark beetles have tunneled and laid eggs in bark, the tree has little ability to defend itself.

Solution #3: Tree Armor

Systemic insecticide treatment is necessary to suppress beetle populations and other pests. Professional assistance is highly recommended to ensure the revitalization of infected trees. 

Problem #4: Lack of Time and Expertise

Many people attempt to care for their trees on their own. Usually, they never get around to caring for the tree or they try a variety of products without success. Inevitably, they have to spend more money hiring an expert or having their landscape renovated.  

Solution #4: Hire Stay Green

Backed by state licenses, industry certifications and decades of experience, Stay Green is the natural choice for professional tree service. We also have the expertise to care for Santa Clarita’ municipally protected oaks.