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What Is Landscape Maintenance?
Landscape Maintenance

Maintaining commercial properties here in SoCal is no easy feat. Keeping your trees, shrubs, turf, and plants healthy and vibrant all year long requires constant attention and effort. In fact, without proper maintenance, your landscape would quickly fall into disrepair. To better understand what commercial landscape maintenance entails, continue reading.

What Does Landscape Maintenance Include?

At Stay Green, our landscape maintenance services are focused not only on meeting the basic needs of your landscape but on the growth and development of your landscape. We work hard to prevent the deterioration and disease of your plants, shrubs, trees, bushes, and turf so that you can continue to maintain a positive image in the community.

Below are different tasks included in landscape maintenance:

  • Plant bed maintenance: This involves mulching, weeding, ground cover trimming, removal of browning plants, and more.
  • Spring and Fall maintenance: Spring and Fall landscape maintenance is the key to lasting plant health and vibrance. This includes thorough mulching, trimming, debris removal, hand pruning, fertilization, weed control, and draining system maintenance.
  • Lawn care: This involves mowing, edging, weeding, pest control, fertilizing, and irrigation.
  • Shrubs and hedges: This includes weeding, pest control, fertilizing, and hedging.
  • Tree care: This includes pest control, disease prevention, fertilizing, pruning, dead branch removal, and raking.
  • Hardscape care: This involves sweeping and blowing debris away to clear the path on your hardscape.
  • Irrigation: This involves regular irrigation tests and inspections, calibration, repairs, water audits, and more.
  • Periodic care: This includes lawn aeration, mulch application, pruning and restructuring shrubs, drought defense, pruning trees, brush clearance, leaf and tree debris removal, and more.

What Does Landscape Maintenance Cost?

The cost of landscape maintenance depends on the size and needs of your property. We take the acreage, number and type of trees, types of plants, mulch, turf, and other factors into consideration when determining the cost of our service. To receive a more accurate estimate for landscape maintenance for your property, reach out to Stay Green. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs before providing an accurate estimate.

Call Stay Green Today!

Ready to make sure your commercial property stands out in a good way? Turn to Stay Green for exceptional landscape maintenance and management services. Backed by 50+ years of service excellence, there is no job too big or too small for our highly trained experts to take on. We are familiar with the obstacles presented by the Southern California climate and have the tools we need to ensure your landscape’s long-term health.

Our landscape maintenance program will result in:

  • Green grass
  • Vibrant flower beds
  • Weed-free planting areas
  • Naturally shaped shrubs and greenery
  • A safe and inviting outdoor space

Call (800) 741-9150 or send us a message online to schedule a consultation. We look forward to serving you!