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13 Signs Your Landscape Has a Pest Problem
holes in leaves

Certain bugs are there to protect your landscape and even help it thrive, but others are known to cause extensive damage, which is why it is important to watch out for full-blown infestations. When infestations take place on your landscape, the health of your trees, plants, lawn, and shrubs can be seriously compromised. This can quickly change their appearance and cause severe damage, making it very difficult to restore your landscape.

In order to protect your commercial property, we recommend becoming familiar with the signs of a pest infestation.

Below are 13 of the most common signs of a pest infestation:

  1. Holes in the leaves
  2. Brown spots on leaves or plants
  3. Wilting or dropping plants
  4. Discoloration of leaves or plant petals
  5. Stunted growth of plants, trees, or shrubs
  6. Anthills
  7. Beehives
  8. Bite marks on the grass
  9. Dead or dying patches of grass
  10. Unseasonable leaf loss
  11. Wilting blades
  12. Missing roots
  13. Holes in the soil

If you suspect your landscape is infested with bugs, reach out to a commercial landscaper right away. Pest infestations can be very difficult to treat and require training and professional-grade products and equipment.

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Managing a commercial property is no easy task. From hand pruning to maintaining an irrigation system to mowing the lawn, there are many time-consuming tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis. If you add a pest infestation on top of all of that, there is no way you can handle everything on your own. That’s where Stay Green comes in. As the most trusted commercial landscaper in Southern California, we are skilled in ridding pests from your landscape and preventing them from returning in the future.

Our horticultural professionals are here to protect your landscape from snails, rodents, and any other kinds of pests that destroy your property. Give us a call to learn more about our organic, eco-friendly treatments to protect your shrubs, grasses, trees, and flowers.

In addition to landscape pest control, we offer the following services:

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