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Lower Water Costs, Lower Maintenance Costs, and It Looks Better, Too!
Stay Green Inc.
Various pictures of the landscape progress at Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente sought a more sustainable approach to the landscaping of its Panorama City medical facility, and that’s where Stay Green’s team of experts came in: We started with a test project that replaced turf on a median with a new landscape that costs less to water and maintain, and spruces up the median’s appearance, too.

Nothing Goes to a Landfill
Stay Green’s experts achieved the redesign without adding anything to a landfill. For example, the turf was sprayed with a non-persistent herbicide, then used as fertilizer.

Soil, Rocks and Mulch Are Your Friends
Soil from another project onsite was repurposed to add character to the flat median, and mulch from tree trimmings provides a nourishing ground cover. Kaiser is removing a rock garden to make way for a new building, so the Stay Green team used some of the rocks to accent the landscape.

Existing Irrigation Modified
Rather than tear out existing irrigation equipment, Stay Green modified the lines to accept more efficient drip irrigation.

Low-Maintenance Plants and Shrubs
Not only are the succulents and flowering shrubs eye-pleasing and water-efficient, but they also require less maintenance. No mowing, and just an occasional trim will do.

The test project was a huge hit with patients and staff, so the approach is being expanded elsewhere on the property. Kaiser will realize a significant return on its investment, with diminished maintenance costs and as much as a 90 percent reduction of water use in areas that have been converted to low water use.

“We Design It. We Build It. We Make It Sustainable. You Reap the Rewards!”

 For a printable one-page summary of the Kaiser project, click here.