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Stay Green Takes Sustainability To The Road

Stay Green Inc.
Stay Green Inc's new Ford FusionsAt Stay Green Inc., we’re proud to walk the walk when it comes to sustainability — and now we’re driving the drive, too, by replacing higher-mileage pickup trucks with fuel-efficient Ford Fusions.

Working in cooperation with Enterprise Fleet Management, a full-service fleet management company for businesses with medium-sized fleets, we’ve replaced 10 of our 2-year-old pickup trucks with gas-sipping Fusions. It’s estimated that, based on an average of 25,000 miles per year per vehicle, Stay Green is reducing those vehicles’ carbon footprint by 50 percent.

This reflects our commitment to not only advocate sustainable behaviors, but also to practice them ourselves, doing everything we can to take care of our planet. Some things are less obvious to the casual observer, like thoughtful plant selection and water-efficient irrigation. But these vehicles — dressed proudly in Stay Green colors — serve as a reminder of our commitment to sustainability every time you see them on the road.

The new Fusions are not only better for the environment, but also reduce operating expenses, including fuel costs. Lowering our own operating expenses helps us keep our prices as competitive as possible for our clients, which is important in maintaining our industry-best 95 percent customer retention rate.

While the traditional notion of a landscape company vehicle might include a pickup truck — and of course, some trucks are still needed to haul equipment and so forth — many transportation functions, including mobility for account managers and other personnel, can be accomplished with more fuel-efficient, “right-sized” vehicles such as the Fusions provided by Enterprise Fleet Management.

According to Enterprise, it’s important for businesses that operate fleets of vehicles to perform regular vehicle maintenance, examine driving routes to maximize efficiency, and develop a cycling plan to replace vehicles at appropriate intervals, thus maximizing the fleet’s fuel efficiency.

At Stay Green we’re operating our fleet with all of these things in mind, and more. We want to be as well-known for internally practicing what we preach as we are for our environmentally friendly landscaping practices, including efficient water management, green waste recycling and mulching, and the use of organic fertilizers.

It’s all part of our commitment to setting a higher standard for ourselves and the work we do for our customers.

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