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Spring Season of Care
Spring Season of Care

Spring is nature’s busiest season! This time of year is when flowers bloom, plants blossom, and trees flourish. As one of Southern California’s premier landscaping firms, we are equipped with the experience and expertise to make your landscape thrive this season!

It is a fun fact that grass needs be trimmed to different lengths throughout the year to be at it’s healthiest. In the cooler weather shorter grass is best, while in the warmer weather it is best to keep the trims longer. In the spring, we trim lawns to the proper length which allows for deeper, stronger roots, less frequent watering needs, and an overall healthier lawn. Shrubbery
After a long winter of cool air and the occasional SoCal frost, your shrubs deserve some love. Our team takes the time and care to hand prune shrubs. This protects the plants from the harsh gasoline-powered tools, and it also reduces carbon emissions! This is a win win for all! Irrigation
As the weather heats up, rain becomes sparce. During the spring, we inspect your irrigation systems to make sure they have not been damaged during the colder weather and that they are ready to keep your landscape hydrated for the heat to come! If caught too late, a faulty irrigation system can be detrimental to your landscape and costly to you!
Weed Control
Spring is the time for growth, but unfortunately this includes weed growth as well. Preparing your landscape for spring by spraying a pre-emergent solution directly onto lawns and into planting beds targets weeds before they sprout and stops them in their tracks. Mulching
Mulch is not only visually appealing, but when spread around trees and in planters it inhibits weeds, regulates soil temperatures, infuses nutrients into the soil, and helps to trap water. All of this is vital to your plant’s health during the spring and summer months! Call Stay Green today to ensure that your landscape will flourish and thrive this season!
At Stay Green Inc., we embrace all four seasons and the different challenges they bring as we keep your landscapes, trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful. The Stay Green team takes pride in delivering prompt, cost-efficient, sustainable and professional care on every day of the calendar and during every Season of Care — winter, spring, summer or fall!

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