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How to Prepare Your Landscape for Springtime
tree trimming

During your landscape’s dormant season, it still requires plenty of attention and care. From January through March, your focus should be on feeding, medicating, and aerating your landscape. Proper care during winter is crucial to the success of your landscape in spring. Failing to pay special attention to high-risk areas during the cold months can result in a very sad looking landscape come the season of growth. To ensure your landscape is on the right path to feeling healthy and looking beautiful, Stay Green is here to provide you with a few helpful tips.

Critical Tasks

During winter, there are several tasks that you should never skip out on, including hand pruning, mulching, weed control, tree care, and drainage system maintenance. These tasks will ensure your plants, shrubs, trees, and lawn are prepared to grow come springtime.

Areas to Focus On

Certain areas of your landscape require a little extra attention during this season. Stay Green focuses on trees, plants and shrubs, and grass in the winter months to ensure they are ready for spring.


Removing low-hanging branches and stakes from your trees is a great way to improve air circulation, promote healthy growth, and prevent pest infestations.

Additional tree care tasks that should be handled include:

  • Insecticide application
  • Deep-root feeding
  • Vertical mulching
  • Disease and pest inspections
  • Collar excavation
  • Disease and pest treatments

Plants & Shrubs

To ensure vibrant growth and colors, plants, shrubs, and roses need deep-root fertilizers. Additionally, your plants should be treated with insecticides to prevent aphids.


Proper fertilization and the application of pre-emergent weed control will help your grass grow strong in spring.

Turn to Stay Green

Managing a landscape is no easy feat. If you are a property manager or owner of an amusement park, a retail establishment, a government municipality, homeowner’s association, or any other kind of commercial property, hiring a professional landscaping company is imperative. Here at Stay Green, we have over 50 years of service experience designing, building, and maintaining landscapes of all sizes throughout Southern California. We are deeply familiar with all of the challenges that the SoCal climate presents you during each season and have the tools, products, and expertise to keep your landscape looking pristine year-round.

When you turn to our team to handle your landscaping, you can rest easy knowing your property is in the hands of the most qualified individuals around.

We are here to meet your every landscaping need, including:

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