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How Stay Green Takes Care of Your Commercial Landscape During Fall

The sun shining through multi-colored fall trees

Fall is a transitional season, during which your plants go dormant and prepare for winter. As the temperatures continue to drop and our days continue to shorten, it is incredibly important to take good care of your commercial landscape. This slower-growing season is the perfect time to strengthen your landscape and ensure it is prepared to survive the winter chill.

Since 1970, the team here at Stay Green has provided the most reliable, professional landscaping services to HOA communities, sports and leisure establishments, retail properties, government municipalities, and other commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. Allow our team to take care of your landscape this fall and we promise you’ll notice significant results in as little as 30 days. Continue reading to learn how our team helps your landscape thrive during these cooler months.

Preventing Weed Growth

As soon as the winter rains roll in, weeds are going to sprout up wherever they can. In order to prevent weeds from taking over your landscape, our team applies a pre-emergent herbicide. This product is incredibly effective, especially when applied before the rains come in.

Maintaining Drainage Systems

A well-maintained drainage system is the key to a healthy landscape. Before storm season begins, our team carefully inspects your v-ditches and drains and removes any clog-causing debris.

Some of the most common sources of clogs in drainage systems include:

  • Twigs
  • Trash
  • Leaves
  • Rocks

Thorough drainage system maintenance helps to prevent your gorgeous lawn from becoming a swamp land and damaging your shrubs, trees, and other plants.

Hand Pruning

Our commercial landscapers are specially trained to hand prune your plants, shrubs, and trees to promote heathy growth in the months to come. Hand pruning not only improves the appearance of your landscape but it also improves both the health and strength of your plants, prevents overgrowth, and encourages flower and fruit development.

Clearing Away Dead Leaves

While a few leaves here and there are not a problem, an excessive amount of dead leaves and other plant debris can suffocate a landscape and lead to problems such as plant disease and mold growth on your lawn. Stay Green carefully and thoroughly clears away all leaf debris from your lawn, planters, and sidewalk to protect your landscape and keep everything looking pristine.

Applying Fertilizer

Using top-quality, organic fertilizer, our landscapers keep your lawn lush, your shrubs vibrant, and your trees healthy. Applying fertilizer during fall is a great way to ensure a positive growth season during spring.

Stay Green Is the Natural Choice for Commercial Landscaping

When it comes to designing, building, and maintaining beautiful landscapes, no one does it better than Stay Green. Each member of our team is fully committed to ensuring your every landscaping need is met and your property looks incredible. We are here to help your business thrive.

Call (800) 741-9150 or contact us online to learn more about our commercial landscaping services.