Water Management Services

Here Come the Stay Green Water Maintenance Experts

New Division Offers Water
Management and Sustainability

Perhaps you’ve seen Stay Green’s “water experts” around town: The Santa Clarita-based landscape company’s new Water Management Services Division visits clients in vans bearing special custom artwork proudly announcing the delivery of water-wise solutions for beautiful and healthy landscapes.

“Our goal with the Water Management Services Division is to help our clients conserve energy and water at the same time,” said Stay Green CEO/President Chris Angelo. “Responsible management of water goes hand in hand with energy conservation.”

According to Sandia National Laboratories, the electricity industry is the nation’s second-largest water user, after agriculture, requiring 190,000 million gallons daily. In turn, energy constitutes about 80 percent of the cost of transporting, treating and delivering water. So, if you save water, you save energy, and vice versa.

Angelo said Stay Green’s new Water Management Services Division enables clients to accomplish both goals, without sacrificing the appearance of landscaping.

“You can have vibrant, green landscaping while also taking a ‘green’ approach to conserving energy and our state’s limited water supply,” Angelo said. “We’re proud to say we’ve assembled the team and the technology to help our clients accomplish that.”

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