About Us

Operating from the garage of their home in the San Fernando Valley, Richard and Charlene Angelo launched Stay Green Inc. in 1970

. . with one truck, a handful of residential customers, and a vision for providing the best landscape services anywhere.

His sense of professionalism guaranteed his customers’ satisfaction, and the business grew quickly through referrals.

Today, that same passion for quality and service infuses everything we do at Stay Green Inc. Headquartered in Santa Clarita, our company now has more than 300 employees working in five divisions – Landscape Maintenance, Plant Health Care, Tree Care, Water Management Services, and Landscape Design/Build Services. The company serves clients throughout Southern California, and exercises positive environmental stewardship through its Sustainability Practices, which are applied across all service lines to help customers protect the environment as well as the bottom line.

Stay Green Inc. is recognized as a leading provider of high-quality landscape services, having achieved a 95 percent customer retention rate, along with receiving the industry’s most prestigious awards.

A new generation is leading the way forward at our family-run company. Rich’s son Chris was promoted to chief executive officer in 2009. Under his leadership, Stay Green is moving into new markets in Southern California while building on its reputation for quality and service, while also taking a leadership role in the landscape industry, developing cutting-edge tools and methods to promote sustainability.

Rich remains actively involved with the company and he can often be found in the field talking with crew members.

Richard Angelo
Chris Angelo


The Stay Green Mission

Stay Green Inc. is committed to being the leader in providing professional landscape services resulting in the highest level of client satisfaction.

Our Vision

Stay Green Inc. will be the leading provider of complete professional landscape services and our industry’s employer of choice in Southern California.

Our Environmental Commitment

Stay Green was among the first landscape management firms to adopt environmentally friendly landscaping practices. Whether we implement computerized water management systems, recycle our trimmings for mulch, or apply organic fertilizers and pest control products, your property will benefit from our commitment to preserving and enhancing our natural environment.

Our Commitment to You


It’s the Stay Green difference, and it shows in our industry-best 95 percent customer retention rate. Our clients know that when emergencies happen, we’ll be there. And when they have questions, we’ll answer them. And when they have concerns, we’ll resolve them.


That’s a word we live by at Stay Green. In our first 30 days on your site, you’ll see the difference for yourself. Green grass. Vibrant flower beds. Naturally shaped shrubs and greenery. All courtesy of skilled and dedicated crew members and supervisors who know our reputation rests on your satisfaction.


We’re proud of the work we do, and it’s reflected in every aspect of our operation. From clean, well-maintained trucks, to uniformed crew members, to proper safety procedures, to ongoing training in new techniques and technologies, we’re committed to setting a higher standard for ourselves and the work we do for you.

Environmental Stewardship

Whether we implement computerized water management systems, utilize alternative fuels, recycle our trimmings for mulch, or apply organic fertilizers and pest control products, your property will benefit from Stay Green’s commitment to environmentally friendly landscaping practices.

Stay Green’s History: More than 45 Years of Service

Stay Green started in 1970 as a one-truck operation with its headquarters in the garage of founders Richard and Charlene Angelo. In the years since, the company has grown to become one of Southern California’s premier landscape services providers.