Drought Defense

If high heat and drought conditions are killing your trees and lowering property values, Stay Green has the solution! Our Drought Defense programs are designed to provide the help your plants need.

Multiple Services, Maximum Benefit

Drought and restrictive watering can take its toll on trees in several ways:

  • Salt buildup causes plant stress and root burn.
  • Trees become vulnerable to insect infestations and disease outbreak.
  • Soil compaction makes irrigation less effective.
  • Dry soil becomes hydrophobic and difficult to properly water.

Our Drought Defense services include:

Water Log:

Deep-root watering focused on fine root systems and helping flush out accumulated salts.


Deep-root watering that includes bio-stimulants and soil conditioners to stimulate new root growth and improve overall plant health.

Tree Armor:

Systemic insecticide treatment to deal with deadly bark beetle infestations. Provides up to six months of protection.

Drought Defender:

A powerful combination of Tree Armor and Revive.

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