Five Things Your Landscaping Company Should Be Doing for Your Commercial Property

A property’s landscaping says a lot about a business because customers view presentation and atmosphere as an extension of businesses’ brands and performance. If the property does not look presentable, current tenants will be less inclined to stay and potential tenants will be less inclined to join. It may be time to take a closer look at the services your landscaping company is offering. 

  1. Establishing a Great First Impression

You really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but people do anyway. The same applies to commercial property. Whether you manage an industrial complex or an HOA community, future tenants will be making a first impression based on aesthetics, which largely has to do with the condition of your landscaping. 

Here is what your commercial property landscaping should be communicating to potential tenants: 

  • If you think the outside is nice, check out what’s inside!
  • Management pays attention to detail. 
  • Tenant satisfaction is important. 
  • Visitors and customers are welcome. 

By choosing a reputable and trustworthy company to maintain landscaping, property managers can be confident that people are walking through their doors with a great first impression. 

  1. Promoting Morale 

Most successful companies creatively express their brand through landscaping. Even if customers don’t usually visit your offices, your employees and business partners do. The extra effort you put into your landscaping translates to employees who are proud of where they work and businesses that are proud to partner with you. 

  1. Preventing Larger Problems 

Most often, large landscaping issues come about due to a lack of regular maintenance. Proactive upkeep prevents diseases from spreading between plants and rotted trees from falling on cars or structures. 

If the landscape company you currently have a contract with has not offered additional ways they can protect you and your tenants’ investments, it may be because they don’t have the knowledge or resources. 

  1. Saving You Money 

Most commercial properties pay too much for landscaping and usually the cost of irrigation is to blame. With a water-efficient landscape design and native species, or other drought-tolerant plants, our clients have found that they save thousands of dollars on landscaping per year. 

Has your landscaping been modernized with water efficiency in mind? If not, you are likely wasting money and natural resources. 

  1. Lightening Your Conscience

Water management is a critical part of landscaping. Aside from saving you money, your landscaping contractor should be helping you conserve water.

The same applies to pest and weed management. Landscaping professionals have an obligation to the environment to leave it better then they found it. If your landscaper is not using environmentally-friendly pest and weed management practices, they are not doing their entire job. 

At Stay Green, we are very passionate about the landscaping services commercial properties receive. If you need help with your landscaping, whether it be to create a great first impression with potential customers or tenants, or to better the environment, contact us. We want to hear how we can help you. 

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