No Water? What’s a Landscaper to Do?

Remember last spring, when we were concerned about the lack of rainfall during the preceding rain season and everyone was being encouraged to use water wisely? It got worse. The entire state is in the midst of one of the worst droughts ever, and in some areas it has reached dire levels. In the communities Stay Green serves, we are fortunate it is not as severe as in other areas — but state and local agencies are still calling for at least a 20 percent reduction in consumption.

At Stay Green, we consider water use efficiency to be an important part of our everyday activities. It’s even more crucial now, and our team is plugged in to current water use restrictions, as well as incentive programs that benefit our clients and yours. For example, the Metropolitan Water District recently doubled its conservation and outreach budget from $20 million to $40 million, creating more opportunities to earn rebates for clients.

There are things we do each day that individual homeowners can do, too. For example, it’s important to protect trees during drought. “If trees are lost, it increases the surrounding temperature, making everything hotter,” advises the California Landscape Contractors Association’s website. “They are also expensive to replace. Many surrounding plants depend on them, because trees offer shade and protection for some lawns and other plants that may not survive the hot sun without them.”

Stay Green’s experts make sure your communities’ trees get the most out of available irrigation, utilizing carefully placed mulch and thoughtful landscape and irrigation design to help water reach trees’ roots efficiently.

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