Investing in Our Employees and Customers

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Stay Green Inc. invests in employees and customers by ensuring our teams are experts on the latest procedures and equipment. For this reason, our field managers attended an annual irrigation training course on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Also, our irrigation technicians are presently participating in a ten-week training course. This training will enable all of our technicians to efficiently and effectively handle any irrigation job. The course focuses on the following topics:

  • Hydraulic principles: How to optimize working pressure in irrigation systems and minimize recurring pipe breaks
  • Troubleshooting and fine-tuning techniques for optimum sprinkler performance
  • Valve troubleshooting
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Fundamentals and application of drip irrigation
  • Sustainable water management principles
  • Practical techniques for sprinkler and drip irrigation scheduling
  • Weathermatic controller programming

By training our employees on the latest landscape maintenance methods and tools, we not only increase productivity, we get to witness job satisfaction, increased morale and boosted motivation among our employees. It is truly our wonderful customers and family of co-workers that have given us such great success in our 49 years of business.

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